In this episode of the Unmasked History of Scooby Doo, Alexa speaks with Zac Retz, who worked as a visual development artist on the early stages of the 2020 film SCOOB!


Highlights of this episode include: 

1- What it was like to work on the early stages of SCOOB! 

2- The process of environment design on an animated movie. 

3- Chatting about a few other Hanna Barbera characters who were included in an early version of the script.  


Make sure to follow along on Twitter @UnmaskedSD, Instagram @unmaskedsdpodcast, or at for more groovy content! If you'd like to follow Zac and see more of his work, he's on Twitter @ZacDRetz, Instagram @zacretz, Facebook, or ArtStation at

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